My Intention Is

My Intention Was Not To Leave shares the accounts of three children displaced from their homes due to conflict and persecution. They are three of an estimated 12 million children, ages 12 to 18, that are being forced to search for opportunities where very few exist. Be they refugees because they have crossed an international border, or IDPs because they have been displaced within their own countries, their lives are a constant struggle. They are missing opportunities to learn so they may build a better economic future for themselves and their families. They are missing opportunities to talk so they may deal with the trauma of being forced from their homes by threats and violence. They are missing opportunities to integrate so they may become strong members of their current communities. They are missing opportunities to be heard so that their voices may contribute to developing the solutions that will serve their needs and the needs of the children that will follow them.

My Intention Is (MII), an initiative for transformational impact, has been developed by Make It Happen and Concordia to lead the conversation about the specific needs of forcibly displaced adolescents within their host communities. Utilizing the film as a catalyst for engagement, MII is leading policy makers, humanitarian organizations, donors, and the private sector to identify nonpartisan, cross-sector collaborative solutions to address this critical lack of opportunities.

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